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Custom Services to Help you Grow

FNB's customized products and services meet your business's specific needs and goals.

Business Banking Services

Business Online Banking

Since you’re online with us right now, you already know how convenient Business Online Banking can be! Our basic business Online Banking services are provided to our customers at no monthly fee.

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ACH Origination - Deposits and Payments

Conveniently and securely initiate Direct Deposits and Direct Payments reducing the hassle and cost of paper transactions. This service will allow you to send and receive electronic payments rapidly, accurately, and confidentially, so that you may pay employees or vendors, or collect funds from your customers.

Lockbox / Remittance Banking

Save valuable resources by shifting the workload of accounts receivable to us and to speed deposit processing. With this service, payments are mailed to a local PO Box allowing us to efficiently and accurately process and deposit funds to your account daily, turning incoming receivables into usable cash with maximum speed.  To access your lockbox service, please use the login button in the top right corner of this webpage.

Merchant Card Service

Expand your business by offering your customers the convenience of electronic payments. Your business will benefit from our safe, secure, and timely payment options. We accept a wide range of payment types with a number of payment solutions, including point-of-sale, e-commerce shopping carts, and wireless mobile terminals. To access your merchant service, please use the login button in the top right corner of this webpage.

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Remote Deposit Capture

If you deposit several checks a day, Remote Deposit Capture is the perfect solution for you. RDC will help streamline your business’s daily routine by allowing you to make deposits remotely from your place of business. RDC will enable you to save time and money by making your daily deposits without leaving your office.

Electronic Statements

Have your bank account statements delivered electronically – saving the environment and saving you time! E-statements are securely delivered through FNB’s Online Banking service. To sign up for Business E-statements, please contact our Business Services Team at (662) 234-2821.

Interactive Teller Machine

Not able to make it to the bank during hours, but still want to bank face-to-face with a real person? The iTM is available at select locations to serve you.

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Electronic Bill Pay

Save yourself some time as well as the cost of stamps. Unlimited bills may be paid each month to any vendor in the USA at no charge.

Wire Transfer Services

Need to transfer money fast to another person, bank, or business? We can assist you with a wire transfer.

Business Debit Card

Your FNB Debit Card is accepted virtually everywhere deducting purchases directly from your checking account.


Increase the ease of reconciling accounts by using FNB on CD or FNB on USB.  You may view or print your statements, individual transactions, checks, deposit slips and deposited items easily from your computer.

Sweep Accounts

Set up automatic transfers between multiple accounts, allowing you to maintain desired balances and maximize the interest earned. Contact us to discuss which type of sweep account is best for you!

Business Mobile Banking

FNB Business Mobile Banking provides all the convenient services you have through FNB Business Online Banking and is available for both Android and iOS.

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Mobile Deposit

Mobile Deposit is a secure and easy way to deposit a check from virtually anywhere.

Enrich - Financial Wellness Resources

Ever have questions about financial topics but don’t know who to trust? We’ve partnered with ENRICH to offer customers, employees, and greater community FREE financial wellness resources.

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