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What is Enrich?

Ever have questions about financial topics but don’t know who to trust? FNB has partnered with the award-winning ENRICH financial education platform to offer our customers, employees, and greater community FREE personal financial wellness resources.

Enrich offers a wealth of information about budgeting, retirement, investing, and more! Watch videos, read articles, explore calculators, take courses or even download worksheets. Begin your financial wellness journey and get started today!

Topics to Explore


Managing Debt




Home / Real Estate

Repaying Student Loans

Job Search

How does Enrich work?

Get started by learning how Enrich can help you achieve your financial goals.

  • Start with a financial checkup. Start with a checkup and we’ll create a personalized plan to achieve your financial goals.
  • Get your recommendations. We’ll deliver personalized recommendations and help track progress on your financial wellness journey.
  • Understand your money personality. Your personality can affect your plan’s overall success. We’ll help you see how.
  • Stay on track. Stay on track with financial tools, courses, and our latest content.

Empowered by the possibilities? Register on Enrich to begin your personal financial wellness journey TODAY!